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We are only just beginning to put this site together and it still is in need of a lot of editing. In fact, most are still in the process of being written. If you look around please keep that in mind.

About the "journal".

(Coming soon.)

About the "essays"

A person standing on the earth with finger pointing straight overhead toward the sky can, of course, say that they are pointing up . A person on the opposite side of the earth and pointing to the sky can also say that they are pointing up. They are both correct even though they are pointing in exact opposite directions.

These essays are written from our perspective though, being the studious one, the perspective is, of course, mainly mine.

But we do both agree on most if not all of what is written.

We begin by agreeing with the sentiment displayed above: that what we believe is right for us may not be right for others. At the same time we hope that it will be right for some; that some will find it thought provoking and that some may even learn.

We also hope that some may write to correct any mistakes we make or to give us food for thought . But we are not interested in arguing over whether any one religion is superior to another because, to us, they are all true depending on a persons point of view. We have a problem, not with what people choose to believe but with how they treat those who do not believe the same as they do.

Butterfly is Wiccan; she believes in Goddess. She doesn’t think much of a lot of gods and goddesses but she has a uncanny relationship with all of nature. At times it seems as if she can communicate with animals both wild and domestic. She also seems to have a special relationship with nature spirits and with fire. And she has natural abilities of manifesting which most of us can only dream of achieving.

The best description I have found for my religion is “ecumenical mysticism". Having never heard of anyone else using this term I googled it. I found one site which used this term but only in relation to Christian mysticism, leaning on the definition of ecumenical which is “pertaining to the whole Christian Church". I refer to the main definition, which is "universal".

I have had many , many religious experiences and many mystic experiences in my life and have arrived at the conclusion that the experience is the same regardless of a person’s religious perspective. The problem arises when a person attempts to describe it in terms of their religion.

Believing this, of course, a person is free to choose whatever religion suits them or to choose no religion at all. I have chosen Pagan/Wiccan as my path. But I follow it more as science than as religion; the goal of religion being the cultivation of mystic experience while my main interest in Wiccan/Pagan is the manipulation of metaphysical to effect physical results. Of course , this is also the goal of a lot of other so called “religions“ with their prayers, etc..

Yet at the same time I must admit that I have a close relationship with certain gods and goddesses, especially of the Greek Pantheon ( which I do not believe in the existence of ). And I do believe that following the Wiccan/Pagan path can and does lead to mystic experience; that is just not my main purpose.

But this will all be discussed in more depth elsewhere.
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