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In my earlier life, while I was with my now x, I had two experiences with crystals which I found pretty impressive.
The first when a friend came to visit saying that she had lost her crystal. X told her, "Hold mine and think about yours". Within less than two minutes another friend walked in saying, " Kathy, is this your crystal?"
Of course it is possible that this was coincidence.
The second time we had driven to San Francisco but our car had broken down and we were hitchiking back. After about 2 hours on a ramp in Sacramento it was getting late and we were getting frustrated. X took out her crystal and the next car which pulled up gave us a ride to our doorstep. After first leaving our hometown, Butterfly and I did a lot of hitchiking. On several occasions, after becoming frustrated with attempting to get a ride, we pulled out that rock. We got an almost immediate ride every time except one. On that occasion, after walking and attempting to get a ride for at least an hour, I pulled out the rock. Butterfly looked at it and said "We will get a ride in fourty five minutes". I, of course, checked the time. Exactly fourty five minutes later we got a ride. Beyond these experiences we knew little to nothing of stone energies when Butterfly began working with gemstones a few years later. Among the stones we purchased early on was Blackstone, which we mistakenly thought was Black Onyx. I am partial to black and have been since long before Goth became popular. I also soon found myself drawn to Garnet and had Butterfly make me a necklace of Blackstone and Garnet chips and Gold balls. That was in 1999. Before long I noticed that whenever I wore this necklace people scattered, except for one couple whom we had already figured were psychic vampires. Because of how we make our money I have worn it very little over the years. A couple of years later I asked a lady who worked for one of our main gemstone dealers if she could identify it. She held it up to the light and declared that it was Black Obsidian. Looking up Black Obsidian I read that it sets up a protective dome. At first I thought that must be the explanation. But after years of gaining experience and knowledge I decided it was not Obsidian and was, in fact, beginning to consider the possibility that it was a man made "stone". Recently ( October 2014 ) I was studying Jasper in general and came across the following, "Black Jasper ( AKA Blackstone )". And then elsewhere in the same article "Black Jasper should be worn when you would like for other people to leave you alone...". I learned a long time ago that Garnet is supposed to magnify any stone that it is near. That may have had some to do with the pronounced effect. Reading that Howlite improves creativity I had Butterfly make me a necklace which consisted of Howlite and what we thought was Turquoise. The "Turquoise" turned out to be Howlite which had been dyed so that the necklace actually turned out to be all Howlite. I also had her make me a necklace which I thought might help with our sales. After a few times of forgetting to change from the Howlite to the other I noticed that our sales did better when I wore the Howlite. Eventually I came to understand when I read that Howlite aids in creating and destroying masks and in seeing through the masks of others. Obviously a very different kind of creativity. Also several years ago, while we were setting up our booth I and destroying masks and in seeing through the masks of others. Obviously a very different kind of creativity. Also several years ago, while we were setting up our booth I put on a Garnet necklace which we had on our table. Three days later my sex drive went up though I made no connection at the time. After a couple of months it broke; three days later my sex drive was back to normal. Within a few weeks Butterfly repaired the necklace and I put it back on. Three days later my sex drive was up again. After some weeks I took it off again. Three days later my sex drive was back to normal again. I looked it up and learned that Garnet is said to increase sex drive. I, of course, talked Butterfly into wearing a Garnet necklace. It seemed to make her very agitated and irritable. Doing some more research I read that some very passionate people have a negative reaction to Garnet. Some time back I had an infected tooth and asked Butterfly to make me a necklace of Turquoise and Lapis, both of which are supposed to draw out toxins. The center stone is a good size nugget of Arizona Turquoise. After about a week of wearing it the infection was gone. Note however that I was also taking herbs so I don't credit the necklace with curing the infection. But the wire broke right where the nugget is. Butterfly repaired it but I then left it setting on our altar. The wire again broke at the nugget and Butterfly again repaired it. Over the several years since then I have worn it on occasion but I now cleanse it after use and wrap it in silk when not being used. I have not had any further problem with it breaking. Attempting to sell papers one day a few years ago was not going well at all. Realizing that I was wearing a silk shirt and that my crystal was inside it I pulled it to the outside. Within a couple minutes my papers began selling and I ended up having a very good day.

To be continued.

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