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The following is written in the order in which these experiences occurred and may be a little difficult to follow. We will attempt to make it easier as we are able.

For a few years prior to 1997 I had occasional infected teeth which I treated with antibiotics and extractions.

At the Rainbow Gathering of 1997 I again developed an infected tooth and decided to visit the medical camp, which is known as CALM. The medical advisor first gave me some Marjoram and told me to put it between my cheek and gum. He then gave me Horsemint and a couple herbs that I don't recall. Within a very few minutes the pain was gone; this did impress me as aspirin placed directly on the tooth was no longer working.

As for the other herbs, more recent experience has shown that he did not give me enough to do any good. We did have some Neosporin®, which I knew from previous experience would cure it, and some Goldenseal which we had been given a year prior and which we knew nothing about.

I took some of the Goldenseal and used the Neosporin®. The infection was gone almost overnight; I credited the Neosporin and probably rightfully so. More recent experience has shown me that Goldenseal doesn't usually work that quickly. It generally takes a couple weeks, the same as antibiotics.

In 1998, while spending a winter in Tucson, Butterfly checked out library book on Garlic. This book explained the antibiotics in Garlic among much other information. It explained how to make Garlic oil, which has turned out to be important information. Garlic oil contains a different antibiotic than the fresh Garlic and has been much more important to us.

Having noticed a round of antibiotics were almost always followed by an illness and Neosporin always gave me a sore throat, I was ready to try something different.

At first I was taking the Garlic oil a teaspoon at a time. This turned out to be the wrong way to use it though I did learn that Garlic lowered my blood sugar and honey took care of that. I realized, in fact that it was low blood sugar had been the cause of symptoms which I occasionally experienced. Whenever feeling those symptoms previously I had eaten; most often a mayonnaise sandwich. I have since learned that bread, especially white bread, raises blood sugar.

After a time taking Garlic oil, with only minimal results, it had a very negative effect on my stomach so I gave it up.
Butterfly had been having lung problems and a persistent cough for many years. The cough had subsided somewhat when she switched from cigarettes to a pipe but had not gone away. She decided to try a Garlic decoction. By the time she had used it for two weeks her cough had gone and has only returned once, a few years later. She again used the Garlic decoction for about two weeks and the cough has not returned since.

Butterfly has also had a longstanding problem with watery eyes and, we thought unrelated, problem with excema. I will return to this later.

Our dog, Tony, became badly constipated, to the point where he could no longer jump into our van. We mentioned this to some friends of ours who suggested that we try a teaspoon of Olive oil. The Olive oil worked fairly quickly and, we believe, quite well considering that it looked as if he had eaten an entire kotex.

In early 2002 we ate an Avocado and Alfalfa sprout sandwich. The next day Butterfly began having bad premenstrual cramps. Looking into Alfalfa we learned it is a strong blood clotting agent. Knowing that Garlic is a blood thinner she decided to eat some. In about twenty minutes an exceptionally large clot came out and her cramps went almost immediately away. After that Garlic became her best monthly friend. And mine.

Also at about that time I scraped my thumb while working on our van. The next day the sore was inflamed. At first I tried rubbing fresh Garlic on it. After two days it was only getting worse so I tried using Garlic oil. Within a couple hours the inflammation had visibly subsided. By that evening it was nearly gone so I again applied the Garlic oil. The next morning it was completely gone but I applied some more Garlic oil anyway, just to be sure.

We previously had made a wash consisting of Goldenseal, Thyme and Creosote. It was invigorating to our bodies and we both noticed, as we had also washed our faces with it, our eyes felt clean and clear. Looking it up we learned that Goldenseal and Thyme both affect the mucous membranes; Goldenseal as a tonic and Thyme as an anaesthetic. After that whenever her eyes began to burn and water Butterfly would wash them with this mix. It always helped temporarily but did not cure the problem.

There is a break in time between that which is written above and what is written below. We will be filling in the space between as soon as we can.

By June of 2004 we had been walking generally from 5-15 miles a day for a couple months (van was broke down). Prior to that we had always been in the habit of doing at least a couple to a few miles almost every day.

One day after having walked about 12 miles I developed a pain in my right calf. Most people don't walk 12 miles in one day so I got earlier warning than most. If only I had known then what I know now. Before long the pain was coming quicker, to where a 5 mile walk would set it off.

I soon learned that limping, sitting or walking up hills would pretty much get rid of the pain. Walking downhill actually brought it on and/ or increased the pain.

By 2006 the pain was coming at almost exactly a mile, which worked out fine because we have always liked taking a break after a mile. That generally was 20 minutes, at which time we would then take a 10 minute smoke break.

By mid 2008 the pain was pretty much constant; I couldn't walk 100 ft. I learned that lying on my side and bringing my knees to my chest would relieve the pain so that I could get to sleep.

Leg cramps woke me up 2 or 3 times every night. Every morning I stretched my legs on waking. This set off leg cramps so that l soon learned not to stretch my legs on awakening.

At that time I read that raspberry leaf is used to stop leg cramps in pregnant women so I figured, "Why not?"

I drank a cup of raspberry leaf infusion. That night I had no leg cramps. After 3 days of drinking raspberry leaves and having no leg cramps I quit drinking it.

Two was days later during the day I had the worst leg cramps ever in both legs.

It got so bad that my toes were pointing straight up. Nothing I tried got rid of them.

I tried standing on each leg, I tried massaging them, I lay on my back and raised my feet up and and moved them all around. They only got worse.

Finally I asked Butterfly to hand me essential oils. First she handed me tea tree oil. I didn't even try it. Next was Rosemary. As soon as I touched it to the top of my feet I felt it begin to take effect.

I continued rubbing it in. Within just a very few minutes my toes were down and the pain was gone.

This is being continued as we are able to find time.

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