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Summer 2007


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After a very good winter selling papers we were able to get a generator and a rebuilt transmission before leaving Tucson for the summer May 1, 2006.
On the way to El Paso we stopped for a day at Rock Hound State Park outside of Deming, NM. There we gathered Thunder Eggs and Jasper.
Although we aren’t yet set up for doing a lot of work with stones we will some day soon. Hopefully.
And we love rock hunting.
We stayed a week in El Paso then traveled north through Alamogordo, to Las Vegas, NM. After a week of soaking in the hot spring at Las Vegas, we again traveled north arriving in Boulder, Colorado on June 1st.
Upon receiving directions to the gathering site on June 17th, we started on our way. Arriving at the gathering site 27 miles north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and parked in the parking lot.
We then set out to see the site, which turned out to be a 3 miles walk on a dirt road followed by another mile by trail into the site. Seeing that there was parking closer to the trailhead we decided that we could move.
Arriving back at the parking lot we learned that the police had been there and had given tickets to everyone. They had set up a roadblock just below the parking lot.
All night long people were going back and forth through the woods leading people in and carrying supplies. Another parking lot formed on the other side of the road block.
The next morning a group of about 50 people walked from site to the roadblock. Seeing this group coming the police packed up and left.
Most people of course saw this as a victory. We however, could see no good coming from it. The police, after all, do not just give up and go away without a back up plan. They set up their roadblock farther down the road and we parked closer to the trailhead.
Instead of camping by ourselves, which we usually do, we camped with the Buffalo tribe of Bisbee , AZ. Actually, between Bisbee and Sierra Vista.(See www.buffalopoop.com )
We did not build our usual altar. But we did help set up a camp where we did some cooking and water boiling for the Gathering.
On one occasion we had returned to the van and were sitting inside with the lights on (it was night) and the curtains closed smoking our tobacco pipes before heading back in to site.
A cop came to the door and demanded to know what we were smoking. I told him that we were smoking tobacco and pointed out that he wouldn’t even know we were smoking anything if he wasn’t peeping.
Once the police backed off, which they actually eventually did, it was really great.
One day Michael Franti put on a free show in Steamboat Springs. Most of the people and all of the cops went to the concert. We elected to remain and had a quiet and peaceful day.
After leaving the Gathering we checked out Steamboat Springs for a day then drove on to Salt Lake City.
We first checked out an area known as the Sugar House district as we had been invited to that area by the owner of a store, the free speech Zone whom we had met at the gathering. She purchased a few items from us for her store (www.freespeechzone.com).
Salt Lake City is an extremely well set up city; it may be the easiest city in the county for finding your way around.
We also found a theater that only charged $2.00 admission fee. We watched “RV” starring Robin Williams. After looking around Salt Lake City we headed for California stopping, of course, for some salt from the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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