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On our way from Southern California to El Paso we stopped in Tucson a few days to take care of business. While there we also saw that we would probably not have a corner on which to sell papers.
Over the past few years Tucson had been passing laws which reduced the numbers of places where we could sell either papers or our crafts. As we had already decided to spend most, if not all, of the winter in El Paso we headed on in that direction. Our first stop, though, was Deming, New Mexico where we like to go rock hunting at Rock Hound State Park.
We found some nice Thunder Eggs and Jasper that may become part of our sales stock eventually. Then on to El Paso where we did quite well as long as the weather allowed. El Paso seems a little cooler than Tucson though not as much as we at first thought it would be. On December 23rd we returned to Tucson. Knowing that we would not be selling newspapers we set up camp in the desert a few miles out of town. There we remained, going into town generally once a week for supplies and to the Voyager R.V. craft fair twice a month.
This gave us plenty of time for working on products. Eye made good use of the generator we bought last spring and got a lot of carving done. He also came up with a few new products. Butterfly had plenty of time for doing beadwork, mainly peyote stitch necklaces and bracelets, and she began working on a beading book.
We also had time for doing some landscaping on our "yard". We will put up some pictures of this eventually.
And we gathered some pets. We had three roadrunners, four chipmunks, a few cactus wren and a coyote. There is also a little chipmunk type animal that looks somewhat like a miniature prairie dog. Not knowing what it is we call it a fairy dog.
Tucson actually had a winter this year. O.k, to us it was a winter. Most days were under sixty five degrees and the wind blew a lot. We even got a couple inches of snow one day.
Snow on the desert is great. It is very pretty in the morning and gone by afternoon.
Just prior to our leaving El Paso in December Tony became ill. He quit eating and pretty much slept all the time. We ,of course, immediately began giving him Goldenseal and Echinacea. The Goldenseal to get rid of any bacteria or virus and the Echinacea to boost his immune system.
Since he wasn't eating we gave him dandelion, rose hips bilberries and alfalfa for the nutritional values. About early February he ate a couple Vienna sausages. We eventually figured out that we could get him to eat a little cuts and gravy type dog food if we warmed it up.
By the end of February he was much better, even to the point of eating dry dog food.
Then the news came out about the tainted dog food. Tony's symptoms matched exactly. And it turns out we used the right herbs.
Even though it involved poison rather than either virus or bacteria, the goldenseal still served to clean out his system. In case you are not aware , Goldenseal was was used by people to,clean up for a drug test. Most places now test for Golden Seal. Presence of Goldenseal in the system is considered a dirty test.
It also turned out that the kidney failure was one of the main results of the poisoning . And dandelion leaf is one of the best for kidney problems. We believe that the dandelion and the goldennseal are the herbs that saved him though we are sure the others helped to some degree.
Tony is pretty much back to himself now though we don"t believe he will ever get completely over it.
While we had a productive winter we also depleted our savings. But thanks to friends and good luck we were able to get a spot selling papers. We sold papers for 2 weeks, paid our insurance and other bills then set out for El Paso. We arrived on 4/20. Of course there were no signs in El Paso that it was 4/20.

To be continued.

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